Sunday, 29 November 2009


I've been listening to the new mewithoutyou album, 'It's all Crazy! It's all False! It's all a Dream! It's Alright!' and I love the last track 'Allah Allah Allah' but I can see why it might leave some followers of Christ unsettled. In fact, the band themselves are followers of Jesus but they've chosen to use a name of G-d that most Christians are uncomfortable with for fear of praying to the 'wrong God'. But the fact is that Arabaic Christians use the name 'Allah' for the 'Christian God' with no hesitation because Allah is simply their vernacular for God. Perhaps Christians should first consider our usage of the word GOD as it's offensive to the Jewish believer in that you're not even meant to say it- it's such a holy name. Perhaps we should take the splinter from our own eye before casting judgement on those who use the word Allah in the Christian context? What do you think?

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